K Lizard Marine offers shipping services. The company owns and operates a wide range of vessels, which provide national and international shipping services. Its service line includes break-bulk services, international container services, shipbuilding consultancy, liquid/dry bulk services, offshore services and passenger services, among others.

The company’s fleet base consists of bulk carriers, crude oil tankers, product tankers, container vessels, passenger-cum-cargo vessels, chemical carriers, ammonia carriers, LPG carriers, and offshore supply vessels.

Customer Satisfaction: K Lizard Marine is very strong in terms of engagement levels with its clients and a dedicated customer care team 24/7 to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. The customer relationship management team has successfully established goodwill in the market by attending to the needs of existing and potential customers by developing innovative solutions.

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Social Responsibility:

K Lizard Marine is working on making a greener environment and sustainable development with its bold moves. Maintaining the right environment for the right people comes under the core values of K Lizard Marine. 


Exploring New Markets: K Lizard Marine has a record of exploring and conquering new markets while having the advantage of consumer satisfaction. The worldwide expansion of the company has helped build a new revenue stream. Therefore, K Lizard can be considered an experienced player when it comes to entering new markets.

The company is headquartered in Zirakpur, Punjab, India.